Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Kanye West Trainers

These were once one of the latest Kanye West releases. One of the first editions on 350's. And it must be said, they are actually quite nice when compared to the other Kanye West creations, such as the Nike Yeezy Red October! They are basically an all-in-one design which see's no separation between the upper and the tongue. The uppers are a grey-black Primeknit, which have a middle seam and a nice hook at the heel. The ribbed sole is kitted out with Adidas Boost technology so should provide an nice comfortable wearing experience.


They remind me a bit of Nike Air Huarache's. They also have a little black half circle on the upper that has the Adidas logo on one trainer and "YZY" on the other. Nice trainers that were quickly sold out due to all the hype. Best bet if you want to snag a pair that are up for sale is eBay but prices are super high. One of the latest releases is the 350 V2 Blue Tints.


Expect to pay from £400 - £750 for genuine pairs, and beware of the cheaper buy it now auctions, are there will be many fakes floating around. Some people don't mind this, and that's understandable given the price to buy them brand new or at triple the price from a reseller.